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Student records

We collect student records from providers that are no longer registered. If we have records from a provider you studied with, we may be able to provide a letter and transcript of those records.

Providers are required to supply ASQA with their students’ records when they close. Provided we have records from a training organisation you studied with, we may be able to provide a letter and transcript (not a certificate) of those records. Some records may be incomplete.

We do not charge a fee for student records.

What if my training provider is still operating?

If your provider is still operating, you should contact them directly for a copy of your records.

You can check the status of your training provider at

Check your USI

The Unique Student Identifier (USI) Transcript Service may also hold a copy of your student records if:

  • you completed your training after January 2015
  • you provided your USI to your provider.

Please visit to check your USI transcript.


Visit Apply for your student records to submit a request for your student record.

Apply for your student records

If you are an RTO seeking student records on behalf of students who have recently enrolled with your organisation, please contact

Visit Provider Closures for further information and guidance on how to continue your studies when your provider stops operating.
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