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About this guide

This guide is for course developers seeking to accredit a course or course owners seeking to renew the accreditation of an existing course.

The guide aims to help course developers and owners to:

  • interpret, understand and apply the Standards for VET Accredited Courses 2012, Standards for Training Packages and the Australian Qualifications Framework
  • locate resources that may help them develop or a review a VET accredited course for renewal of accreditation purposes.

This guide may also be used by:

  • course owners conducting monitoring and evaluation processes to ensure the ongoing currency and relevancy of their course
  • ASQA officers applying the Standards to achieve consistency in carrying out course accreditation functions.

This guide is not part of the Standards and has no legal authority. The guide should not be considered as any form of checklist and does not prescribe what specific evidence must be provided to demonstrate compliance. Each course is different, and course developers and course owners are best placed to decide the most suitable way for them to present evidence to demonstrate that the proposed course complies with the relevant requirements. Course developers and course owners should use the guide to obtain a clearer understanding of the relevant requirements for a course to be accredited.

The guide will be updated from time to time. Updated versions will be published on ASQA’s website at and any printed copies should be checked for currency against the most recent digital copy.

The purpose of this guide is to explain each of these Standards in more detail and provide course developers or owners with an overview of the requirements and evidence needed to demonstrate compliance with each Standard.

Case studies are also included to aid understanding of how the Standards apply in practice.

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