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VAC 7.13

VET accredited courses identify course monitoring and evaluation processes which will ensure that the course content and outcomes are reviewed and remain current and relevant throughout the period of accreditation.

Describe the process to be followed for monitoring and evaluating the course to maintain its relevance and currency in Section B: 9.1 of the course document. Include advice on how frequently the monitoring and evaluation activities will be undertaken (e.g. annually).

Monitoring and evaluation activities undertaken during the course’s accreditation period would include, for example:

  • the course development committee undertaking periodic reviews of the course content and outcomes
  • seeking feedback and conducting surveys of RTOs, employers and graduates
  • conducting trend analyses of the industry and emerging trends
  • regular liaison with regulatory/industry associations and peak bodies.

The information to be included should not relate to the outcomes of assessment moderation/validation activities unless these relate to informing the monitoring and evaluation of the course content and outcomes.

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