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VAC 7.11

VET accredited courses provide guidance on appropriate delivery modes, together with advice on limitations on course delivery modes and any requirements for on-the-job training.

In some circumstances, specific modes of delivery may be essential to achieving the course outcomes. If this is the case, you will need to identify and justify the essential modes of delivery in Section B: 7.1 of the course document, ‘Delivery Modes’.

Any limitations to the delivery modes for the course are also to be identified at Section B: 7.1 and a justification provided.

Your justification for these should be based on regulatory requirements and/or feedback from key stakeholders. An example of a limitation to delivery is where it is determined that delivery must take place in a simulated environment.

Include advice at Section B: 7.1 about any requirements for on-the-job training.

Note: If the course includes imported units of competency the parent training package and/or its implementation guide may include advice regarding specific requirements for delivery of those units.
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