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Extend a course

When to request an extension

Course owners can request an extension to the accreditation of a course if they can show there are ‘exceptional circumstances’.

You must make an extension request at least 90 days before the course accreditation expires. We will not consider requests made after course accreditation has expired.

What are exceptional circumstances?

ASQA may consider the following examples to be ‘exceptional circumstances’:

  • Shortly after the current accreditation expiry date, the course outcomes will be incorporated into a nationally endorsed training package due for release.
  • The course leads to a regulatory or licensed outcome, and, under a legislative framework, the course must be completed to access that regulatory or licensed outcome. That legislative framework is currently under review, and the review is expected to be finalised shortly after the accreditation expiry date.

What are not exceptional circumstances?

ASQA would not consider the following examples to be ‘exceptional circumstances’:

  • The course owner has not been timely in applying for renewal of course accreditation.
  • The course owner wants to accept new enrolments past the expiry date for an existing course, before being registered for a new course. Refer to ASQA’s General Direction on learner transition.

How to request an extension

Extension fees

There is no fee for requesting a course accreditation extension. There is also no fee if ASQA approves your request to extend course accreditation.

For a full list of fees and charges, please read the Guide to ASQA’s fees and charges 2019-20 (PDF).

Outcome of application

ASQA considers applications on a case-by-case basis.

We will usually issue a notification of our decision within 40 working days of receiving a complete request.

While assessing your application, we may notify relevant stakeholders of the proposed extension, including:

  • RTOs that have the course within their scope of registration 
  • VET regulators in Victoria and Western Australia
  • industry regulators and licensing bodies.

We will consider representations by stakeholders in its decision-making process.

If ASQA grants your request for an extension:

  • We will notify you of the new course accreditation expiry date.
  • We will grant extensions for the shortest period that allows for the ‘exceptional circumstances’ to be addressed.
  • We will notify the national register of the updated course details.
  • We may also notify relevant stakeholders of the decision.

If ASQA rejects your request for an extension:

  • We will notify you of the reasons for rejecting the request.
  • We may also notify relevant stakeholders of the decision.
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